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It is interesting to reflect upon the lessons of history, how mankind progressed from barbarians to more civilized beings through the rise and fall of civilizations, nations, races, religions and political systems, however it is more exciting to actively participate in changing the course of history. History continues to prove that humanity essentially lives in two periods: preparation for war followed by war itself. In the 20th century humanity has made tremendous progress in developing science and technology but has left human consciousness behind which, in turn, has widened the vertical gaps between the haves and have nots; hopeful and hopeless; those being helped and the helpless; abundance and destitution; religious belief systems fighting over their Holy Lands; and between rational thinkers and fanatics. As a result, diverse groups throughout society have turned to fighting one another and science and technology has revealed itself to be a double-edged sword, both a boon and curse to humanity. As time passes, it is becoming more and more apparent that we are approaching yet another global scale war with weapons of mass destruction, putting us on a catastrophic path towards Global Suicide. What is the root cause of this reality we live in? How can we break this cycle and further evolve as a human race?

Our current “War on Terrorism” is not a war of borders or political ideals, it’s a war of mindsets and belief systems, which continue to be reinforced through acts of violence, breeding more violence spreading the very cancer we are trying to eliminate. Our current understanding of information, intelligence, logic, reason, and rationality coupled with the conventional approaches of politics, diplomacy, military action, negotiations, treaties, ceasefires, and resolutions have all fallen short and have widened the gaps. It is time to think outside the box and expand our knowledge beyond the conventional approaches of winning battles in the field through better science and technology discovered through the knowledge of physics and instead explore innovative, imaginative, and inventive approaches on how to win battles in the hearts and minds of people through a higher tier of knowledge known as Metaphysics.

Through Metaphysics, we will have a deeper understanding of how to change the human mindset and transmute, transform and transcend negative emotions of hate, jealousy, rage, anger, fear, control, and domination into positive emotions of love, happiness, joy, compassion, hope, freedom, and dominion thus addressing this global problem at its very source – the mind.

The Global Healing Series is a visionary solution on how we can change our current direction by learning how to consciously choose a path of Global Healing that will lead humanity toward a new Age of Dominion and ending our 2,500 year old Age of Domination. The mission of this book series is to share knowledge that will evolve human consciousness, individually and collectively, in an effort to bring us closer to one global family living in a sustainable peace and harmony.

Fulbright Publishing, based in New York City, focuses on literary properties that couple intellectual treatise with global, international or cultural perspectives across a wide variety of topics. Fulbright Publishing’s mission is to continue facilitating international and cultural exchange at the publishing level to create dialogues that deepen human understanding as inspired by the ideals set forth by the Senator James William Fulbright, founder of the Fulbright International Exchange & Scholarship Program and late husband to Fulbright Publishing’s Chairman, Harriet Fulbright.