What is Metaphysics?


One of the most common questions I’m asked is this …what is Metaphysics??  So I thought this would be a great way to start my first blog…so here’s the simple explanation of Metaphysics…

During my engineering courses in college, I took numerous courses on physics.  Physics typically deals with physical matter or anything that can be measured within the 4 dimensions of space-time (length, width, height and time). The prefix ‘Meta’ means ‘beyond’, therefore ‘Metaphysics’ means ‘beyond physics’ or anything that falls beyond the space-time dimensions.  For example, if someone was to ask where is your brain, you can point to it, see it, touch it, measure it with a ruler or even scan it; therefore the brain (like your body) is a part of physics or the space-time dimension.  However, if someone is to ask you where is your mind, you can not point to it, see it, touch it or measure it with physical instruments, therefore the mind, along with all those other things we all agree exists but take for granted such as imagination, emotions, belief systems, intuition, creativity, choice, consciousness, soul, spirit, wisdom and so on are all part of this body of knowledge I refer to as Metaphysics.

So how does imagination work…or what really is consciousness…how did my belief system become what it is and how can I change it???  We’ve spent so much time and research understanding all the mechanical parts of a car or even our body, such as how each organ is related to the other organs in our physical body.  However we have very little knowledge as to how the emotion of anger is developed and how can it be diffused before the anger manifests itself into an action or choice made out of anger.  Through gaining a better understanding of the inner workings and processes of the mind and its relationship to these various other metaphysical aspects of our consciousness, we can learn how to transform negative constrictive mindsets to positive constructive ones.  In doing so, not only can we better ourselves individually, but collectively, we can overcome this Domination mindset (control, have power over others through superior position, etc.) that has plagued humanity for thousands of years, and create a better humanity and sustainable peace through a mindset of Dominion (collaboration, supreme ownership and power over yourself, not others, etc.).

The following are a few aspects of Metaphysics, which I described in more detail in my book:

  • Metaphysics is the knowledge of the human mind in its total complexity, which is generally known as “self” or “ego”.
  • Metaphysics is the knowledge of the body, mind, soul and spirit relationship.
  • Metaphysics is understanding and knowing the dynamic process of the human mind.
  • Metaphysics is the knowledge of transmuting, transforming and transcending negative emotions into positive emotions, negative ego into positive ego.
  • Metaphysics is the pathway to spirituality.
  • Metaphysics is the knowledge of how to consciously create reality.